Global Hedera Hackathon WinnersPAYPER

Hedera 18 Hackathon Winners PayPer

The team won 1st place and $50K as global winners, plus a $10K bounty at the London hackathon 

PAYPER: Peer-to-Peer Micropayments for the Open API economy

Payper enables web-based micropayments, a critical component of the open API economy. It was demonstrated using HTTP, making it easy for web developers to integrate into their applications. 

The Romanian-based team members are: Alex Males, Eugen Males, Alexandru Popa, and Vlad Suciu.

Congratulations to all the local winners!

The winners from each location, each awarded $10,000 worth of cash and hbars, included:

Blume, a peer-to-peer internet hotspot sharing app using micropayments, from the Bangalore hackathon,

Hash Name Service, a low-cost native implementation for a human-readable name service, from the Dallas hackathon

Helpon, a decentralized charity platform to transparently connect people in need with those willing to help, from the Moscow hackathon

Proof of Life, a solution that enables identity and life verification through voice to streamline the pension process, from the Paris hackathon

H X, which utilizes the speed and fair ordering of hashgraph to create a trusted secondary auction market with verified goods, from the San Francisco hackathon

Artgraph, a platform that allows artists to get paid in-person or online when their art is sold, viewed, or rated highly, from the Singapore hackathon

Cronos, an SDK for developers to create new user rewards with a shareable tokenized asset earned by time spent in app or games, from the Tel Aviv hackathon

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